went to bed at 11, got up at 4:30… dahlia peed the bed last night unfortunately.. on the down comforter so we have to get that dry cleaned. On the health front, knee still has a bump in it but walkable. doc says not to worry. i got up and went and worked out for 45 mins hard. felt good. in the middle of a rep my right muscle just stopped working and i basically dropped the weight. that’s roids for you – you have no idea how far you can push it probably. i go for my 3 hr infusion today at 10am. i hope i can just sleep through it. poor d has a small cold in her throat. her voice is so damn cute. i wish i could just stick it here. in fact i think i can. i need to find an ipod and do it. one sec

nope couldn’t find it. damn. i will find it and stick some audio of her up. she has the sweetest voice.