Dahlia saying a few more words.. but not really. she’s very lazy. She is starting to do animal noises now which is hilarious. Grandparents love to see the signing. Dad was out last weekend to help build the Pergola. We pulled it together very quickly even though we had nasty weather. Monti learning about boyfriends/girlfriends.. But doesn’t really understand that. Which is good. She is also learning about Christ and such. Elsa resigning her back up for school.

Monti is going through a ‘death’ phaze.. she talks about it a lot (whether mommy is going to die on drive to pick her up, etc.) Teachers say that monti is extremely affectionate… very loving. says that she is a hugger… loves everyone. Teachers sister came in for one class and fell in love with her.

They both love chocolate… i put some easter egg chocolates in a small bowl for each.. they thought it was the best thing. both are healthy thank God…….. First time in a while.

Workfront : I’m almost 70% of my weighted #, less than half through the year. This is great.



Monti now says quite a few words…

Awwright is Yes

May = maisy – her favorite mouse

Poppa = dad

Tick Tock = mom

Nani = elsa’s mom

Don’t think she can say grampa yet.

She will repeat just about anything you say to her however…

She doesn’t seem to like Maggie much but poor mags just keeps trying.

Has a hard time saying maggie

Loves Cottage Cheese…

Can say Mickey Mouse (mick Mous)

Quite afraid of the Disney rides these days. Elsa and Kim took the girls to Disneyland a few weeks back and Monti got afraid in the Pinnochio ride and the Pirates ride I think, so now, even on Small world, she cries iin between areas (the dark areas).

She is so damn sweet. She sleeps with her arms straight up and tries to turn throughout the night. She still sleeps with us, and no change in sight, however she barely nurses anymore. She likes to take afternoon nap, but doesn’t like to go to bed at night much. I’m sitting in LAX waiting to get on a plane to San Jose for some training on Xserve RAID. Monti and Elsa flew to Chicago this morning for a week. I will be flying right to Las Vegas this Friday to meet the guys there. then Back Sunday night – mags will pick me up with Mat, who is visiting colleges out here for grad school.

My current computer is a 1Ghz G4 DP with a 17″ mac flat panel and a 20 ” Dell Flat panel. My powerbook is a 15″ 500Mhz g4 titanium.

Monti loves cut strawberries, smoothies,… She LOVES oatmeal, esp the strawberry oatmeal by quaker. She asks for it at almost every meal. Dad was just out, … He lost Bill Cutshall a couple of weeks ago and is taking Jeff through the paces… He was out for business but then extended with us the past weekend. Apple’s stock is around $15 right now. The world is tense.. We may go to war w/iraq, N. Korea is threatening… A rare cloudy day in LGB.. They are flying the planes out the opposite direction due to storms over the ocean. I am rooming with Brian Loose.


Night Night

Monti loves to say Night Night though it sounds like Neye-neye.

She probably just gets breastfed (we call it the keeks) and that’s why she likes it.

She has an unbelievable temper and loves to throw fits. She loves to flop backwards into the floor or WHATEVER when she gets mad. She usually hits something on the way back which compounds her anger.

I have been stressed out over impending presentations on LDAP and Active Directory integration with Mac OS X.