Dahlia saying a few more words.. but not really. she’s very lazy. She is starting to do animal noises now which is hilarious. Grandparents love to see the signing. Dad was out last weekend to help build the Pergola. We pulled it together very quickly even though we had nasty weather. Monti learning about boyfriends/girlfriends.. But doesn’t really understand that. Which is good. She is also learning about Christ and such. Elsa resigning her back up for school.

Monti is going through a ‘death’ phaze.. she talks about it a lot (whether mommy is going to die on drive to pick her up, etc.) Teachers say that monti is extremely affectionate… very loving. says that she is a hugger… loves everyone. Teachers sister came in for one class and fell in love with her.

They both love chocolate… i put some easter egg chocolates in a small bowl for each.. they thought it was the best thing. both are healthy thank God…….. First time in a while.

Workfront : I’m almost 70% of my weighted #, less than half through the year. This is great.