Some of the best Veep quotes

Selina Meyer : You can’t just replace Gary with another lesbian and think that I’m not gonna notice what…
[Sips her tea]
Selina Meyer : Mmm. Wow, this tea is the perfect temperature.
Marjorie Palmiotti : Thank you, ma’am. I learned from an Afghani warlord.
Selina Meyer : We should put him on the payroll.
Marjorie Palmiotti : You killed him in a drone strike.

Selina Meyer : Kent, how are we doing with non-college-educated whites?
Kent Davison : Underwater, ma’am.
Selina Meyer : Then how about college-educated whites?
Kent Davison : Uh, in South Carolina, that is not a significant slice of the pie.
Selina Meyer : Then we’re gonna have to find a way with non-college-educated whites. Like, what appeals to them… What do they want?
Kent Davison : Well, my polling shows their main wants are jobs, education, and an adequate safety net…
Selina Meyer : Okay, I can speak to that.
Kent Davison : I’m not finished, ma’am… to be denied to African Americans.

South Carolina. Season 7 Episode 4.