Mom wrote this blurb

During the fifties, there were many fears for ppl with kids. one was polio. we didn’t dare walk in a puddle. I know of only one who actually got polio. but it is horrible …one lady lives here in WA that spent many years in an iron lung. she writes about it. Another was small pox for which you received a shot. and it made a scar. anyone my age has that scar. We lived in the Gary Area. ppl said that commies would bomb us first as we had the steel mill close. when we heard the practice siren, we had to get down under desk and put head on one arm and the other around our neck. kids were not scared.
And then there was a deal that some company made with the schools, Catholic included, that tattooed our blood type on our side. I had chicken pox but they made my mom bring me in on the day that kids were shot with the tattoo gun. Hurt like mad. the fact is, if we ever needed blood in a war, there is no way anyone would look at our tattoo and believe it. they prob made pretty good money from the city of Gary. my friend’s tattoo was not clear, and she was at the beach as an adult. a man came up to her and admonished her because she had a swastika on her side. merry christmas