Ok so I’ll start

The living wall… As we talked about.. A google-maps ish type of thing where time is constantly scrolling by. I’m working on the backend info on what they used to do gmaps with but it could be interesting..

other things on it… a scrolling ‘news’ thing at the top… that we automatically append the latest google news hot title on.. say every 2 hrs… just text… then at the bottom maybe just banner ads…

also maybe different living walls.. like the ‘master’ one.. or ones for people to share for their group.. like if they have a kid they upload it to that date/time.

other thoughts?

Just found out the living wall is taken.. other ideas?

scrolling life?

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* tags for each addition
– would let you view timelines by tag or combination of tags (birth, people, mac, space.)

You could start this project at a low-level scale- friends and family- and see what things are most fun or what drives people back to view or post.

The +Add button should have 3 parts: 1) pic to upload, 2) caption, 3) URL [optional].
On the actual board the image needs to have a small caption near it, or at least the first 12 words of it.

Tags can have hierarchies. ‘family:fleck’ , ‘family:kahsen’
There are probably algorithms to do a montage arrangement and scaling of images on one of these web2.0 news sites. I feel like Google News, or some third party rewrite of google news did that.

just grabbed it from Great idea Mat! I can’t believe it was available.

Also I like your ideas about tags and adding… This blog thing will work out for us I think to hash this out.. Soon we need to add some pictures for mockups.. I think wordpress supports it inline… i’ll look into it.

i just registered
got at yahoo domains for $2.99 and the other one at (with

Why? all because i’ve been watching a new domain –

it’s very addictive. i want to do something with with regard to what you watched (tv eps, movies maybe?) and have people click (iwatchedthis link). hope i could find some way to auto get tv shows and listings.. prob isn’t too hard to do that automagically. with respect to not sure where i’m going with that but it could be more of a site like mat mentioned.. either a specific dish at a restaurant that everyone can get (olive garden – fettucini alfredo) or maybe a flikr type thing where you snap a pic of something weird you just ate…

i need some ideas …… feed me!!!!!

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