I can’t believe

I forgot to mention the wonderdrug I’m on. Remicade. Soon I will go over to Imuran to get me off the steroids. (Imuran combats the negatives of Remicade). Found out that my odds of getting lymphoma with Remicade go to 1/500 now. Great!
This is supposedly the latest and greatest in the battle against Crohn’s. I go in for my next infusion 7/12 (3 hr infusion at Virginia Mason).

Also, I’ve booked an appointment with Dr. Lee out of the University of Washington. Supposedly the 16th best in the nation. We’ll see if he has any 2nd opinions on my state.

Also, yesterday I noticed that my right knee ached a little. Hope that has nothing to do with anything. I slept from about 8:30 to 3 this morning. What weird days for me.

They lowered my pred to 50mg a day now, all in the morning. Didn’t notice much difference. Stool was a little bloodier yesterday.. Hope it was just due to something that didn’t agree with my ulcers.

Love the amount of energy I have these days, however still feel weak and hazy due to probably lack of sleep (and muscles).

all for now….