Monti says the word “six” like “since” or “because”.

I can’t eat that six i just ate one of those daddy.

Dahlia now points to things and can somewhat get her points across in this fashion.

Dahlia is a chocolate NUT. We have a santa candy dish on tv. . she always walks near it.. points up at it and goes


Monti and her seem to get along a bit better these days. We had Madeline over yesterday. Babysat her for a couple of hours. Monti would not stop talking “and this is my cat, and this is my dad. here is our christmas tree” Poor mad was sort of homesick. I guess she didn’t sleep well. Elsa thinks she’s a failure of a mom around her since she couldn’t make her loosen up.

Went downtown to see the “windows”. It was a bust. Dahlia was bad. We pretty much left right after we got there.

girls are getting bigger.

i’m stressed about my job.. have to do cold calling with bosses boss on thursday. one on one. should be a very interesting day.

not close to making our number.. really need some big deals to come in in next couple of week.s

elsa getting sick of day in day out routine with the girls.

we are all looking forward to two weeks in Chicago.

dahlia definitely has a temper