Bad Joe! haven’t done an entry in ages

Monti walked through Ohare in United terminal.. saw lights on walkway to Concourse C.. Said

“it’s so beautiful”…

Dahlia.. so jealous.. anytime anyone gave Elsa attention on latest trip home.. Dahlia would throw her arms in the air likea little gorilla and scream.. Did it with Monti.. Then elsa hugged Eliza (as a joke) and dahlia sure enough did it again).. Was hilarious I guess. I wasn’t there. I was working at the sales conference as my first shot at being a rep. new boss.. scary time. Hoping I can pull this off. got a few big deals in the pipe but it’s a sluggish start.

Dahlia is a hitter and kicker.. She is such a frustrated little girl. Sometimes monti is actually afraid of her we think… She gets so violent.. But monti is pretty mean to her.. ALWAYS taking away stuff that dahlia is playing with.. Toys, food, whatever.. drives D so TOTALLY CRAZY…

Monti wanted a wedding cake.. That’s what she picked out at the bakery.. That’s what she wanted for a ‘treat’

Dahlia loves the cats… lumpy not too fond of her.

Ebony died yesterday… Sad day @ the kahsens.

We are going to Florida in a couple of weeks. Mom leaving tomorrow to live there with Grams.. Exciting time.. sad for IN people.. but she’ll be back every other month.