Dahlia is soooo stubborn. She HATES to let anyone else feed her now.. Only herself.

Monti singing a lot. Singing the Goodship lollipop stuff. Dahlia getting in more hair.. 4 teeth. Cried for 45 mins last night before we finally caved. Lost her voice today. Today she cried for 30 and fell asleep. Monti’s sleep routine: put her in bed. tell her stories for 10 mins.. get up.. get her water.. she is wearing diaper but is potty trained for #1. After 20 mins she has gone #2 in diaper.. Change her.. Put on fresh diaper. Put back in bed. Hope she doesn’t get out. If she does , put out nightlight. If again, close door. Closing door is huge affront to her.

Another weird monti-ism. She HATEs when you book up or down the stairs without her or before her. She has this fear of being left behind quite a bit. Mostly about the stairs.. Sometimes about leaving the house but usu about stairs. Sometims will throw fits if u don’t bring her down stairs. Lots of fits these days. Lot of “corrective behavior” needing to occur. They are my darlings however. Love them both to pieces.