Dahlia looks like she will be a TomBoy to me.. Monti getting taller… Monti is three, Dahlia will be 1 this weekend. We are hot here in Seattle. Just bought an umbrella too large for back yard. returning it and asking dad to fly out to help build a deck.

Dahlia always so happy. that is the word i would describe her best with.. always happy. even when she’s throwing a fit you can tell she’ll smile right away..

Monti loves doughnuts.. cookies.. sweets of all sorts…. afraid of a lot of foods…… she eats pizza, grilled cheese, eggs, she finally tried a sausage (fake) sandwich and liked it……. rotini noodles but afraid of spaghetti….. olive garden she gets spinach dip……. and eats our ravioli. dahlia eats almost anything. loves all food…..