Back up to my original weight.. maybe a little more.. working out almost every day… which really means i jog or go to gym… jog is more of a 1 mile run and 1 mile walk.. i found that when i was on the roids pretty heavy my lungs did not have nearly the asthma issues that i have now… Right now 1 mile into it i can’t get enough air. I am going to investigate doing more albuterol before i jog.. could really open things up… workouts in gym have been good but not seeing a lot more muscle gain anymore… maybe I’ve hit a plateau.

Otherwise things are pretty good.
Monti and D had their first days of school respectively. I cried at Monti’s.. Not sure where that came from.. Must be the roids wearing off… The Joe from July would have beat up the Joe from September for that move. 😉

Monti seems to take to school well. Dahlia said it’s “not fun” when I asked her about it. But I think it’s growing on her. We got rear ended over the weekend. That wakes you up in a hurry. Elsa getting the car checked out right now. Waiting on some orders to come in to ‘make my year’ here at Apple. I declined going further in a job interview with Google at this point for a CSE position. The pay was not high enough… but the job looked very interesting.. Maybe I’ll go back to it in the future… Eating almost anything I ate before now… Though not nearly as ravenous as I used to be… I should go do a midday workout… adios…….

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I agree with trying the albuterol, typically what we do with exercise induced asthma. Advair might be an option as well, which if you are having trouble on a regular basis would probably be better than singulair. Anyway, that’s my unsolicited medical input for the day!! Happy to hear you are otherwise feeling well. Talk to you later!


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