Infected review

Well I finished a book recently called Infected by Scott Sigler…

Solidly mediocre. My problem with this is that it felt like something I would try to write if I wanted to try to write horror. And that is not a compliment. I felt like all the lines were predictable (even if the story wasn’t). For example the overbearing father of the football star son, the horrific things that the infected people did, the triangles, the whole bit – just felt like a sophomoric writing attempt. One thing I will say is that it was an easy read, and I did want to keep reading it (vs. just feeling like I needed to finish it). 

I give it a 4/10 for fluff entertainment value.

Book Review – Brad Thor – Takedown

I just finished Takedown by Brad Thor. I give it a solid ‘don’t bother’. It was your standard U.S. elite commando guy kills the bad guys. Honestly the sequence at the end where said good guy kills the top bad guy (boss level?) was particularly evil. Maybe I don’t have as much a taste for these types of things anymore but I thought it was too over the top – too black and white. It wasn’t enough for the bad guy to just be a terrorist, he had to be of middle eastern descent, had to be homosexual and the icing on the cake – a pedophile. How many ways can we hate him? Let us count! I recall liking most Vince Flynn books I’ve read so maybe just not a big Brad Thor fan.

My rating – 3/10.


I just finished a book by Fake Steve Jobs called oPtions$. I found it pretty entertaining – an easy and fun read.