We hit the Space Needle today…


Dahlia turns 5

Dahlia turned 5 today. During the trip back from TN, she said two of the funniest things. She is a very angry girl at times, especially with respect to Monti.

On the way to the funeral, Dahlia was very mad that Eliza couldn’t ride with us in our van (she couldn’t ride with us as we had a lot of old peanut shells and such in the messy van). She threw a big fit which culminated in her yelling:

“I’m SO MAD!!!! I’M NOT going to have curly hair anymore!!!!!!!!”

Then later, she was fighting with Monti and said:

“I HATE my sister. I want all HER CLOTHES!!!”

I hope we can get a handle on this anger she has. But she is a cutie pie nonetheless.



Gramma Seals died this past weekend at age 84. She was born 7/21/24.

Going to miss her. I spoke at her funeral as did Bub, UK and Micah. There were many tears but it was a good chance to see a lot of my relatives that I hadn’t seen in years (since Grandpa Seals died in 1987).

I flew in to Orlando the night before she died, the girls flew down that next day from Chicago (visiting there for 2.5 weeks). Then we all drove up to TN, picking up Maggie in Atlanta who is traveling around the country right now (but primarily staying with us).

I will miss Gramma, but it is better for her daughters now – she was requiring a lot of constant attention from them at the end and it was very tiring for them.


Out with KC/LPK

Had a good day again yesterday. Out with LPK/KC. Went to (what we thought) was a rock climbing area, it turned out to be a water rock slide thing. Freezing water but very refreshing. The hike to it was 1 mile, mostly uphill. Monti made it the whole way, D made it about 3/4 way walking. The water was  a big reward for that hike. We all got wet. The walk back was much quicker and cooler, but both girls got carried for that. Dahlia fell asleep riding on our shoulders back. Pix to follow.

Healthwise, I’m feeling much less amped, and unfortunately slightly less ‘happy’ than before. I am sleeping better. Went to bed about 9 last night got up at 4 (now). KC/LPK leave for airport this am. 5:30 wake up call for them. Strange to be up so early before everyone still.

Bought the new couch. I think it is great. Did a lot of furniture shopping on Sat to try to find things for this house and the new one. Then we saw Xmen 3. I liked it – needed some brainless action like that, though some kids kept kicking my seat behind me. I think I will use the new home theatre in the new house a lot more than I’d originally thought after that experience Saturday. We ate out 3 times, bought a set of Nike shoes that take that Apple iPod thing. But we are giving the thing to LuLu for her birthday. I will buy another one. Everyone sells them now.

I’m still eating like a horse, but not eating so healthily now so I’m packing on the pounds where they don’t go again. I am now going ‘back on my healthy’ diet. Not so much more cheese this or bread that.

Well that’s enough.


June of ’04

  • Nickname: Dahlia – DeeSter
    Mickey Dougal
  • Monti : Monts

Monti is calling us all the Haddons. I am Steve, Elsa = Mary, Monti is of course Eliza and D = Ben. Josh I guess is The Lumps.