Captain Blue and the Decrepit One


New house

We just moved in to our new house last week. Dahlia was so good on the trip

She slept about 85% of the time. Monti however was a bit nervous about the whole thing. Didn’t really like sitting in the car that long. Lumpy was bad on the drive and Jackie was great. Corky hid most of the time.

Monti calls the remote control the nemo remote — mixing the movie Finding nemo with it.

Dahlia is such a smiler… Smiles so much. She is so good tempered. Monti wakes up with yelling… Yelling, kicking.. I have to tell her to lay back down and be quiet.

Mom and Dad were out here to help with the move-in. The move-out was hell. We had bub, louis, Maggie and Rob helping. It started at 7am Monday and we didn’t have it ready to go till 4pm Tuesday.

Dad installed the garage door opener. Mom watched the girls for two days straight it seemed. House move in was 100x easier than out.

The drive to here was pretty once past Sacramento.. The state line went up into the snow line.

I’m a bit nervous about my new working partner. He is a bit tense all the time.we shall see how it goes. I’m currently getting part two of my ACSA training this week in Cupertino.