Overheard today

Look what I write, “you”!

Dad, Ok, Is this is a star?

Is that a star?

(points to a star)

Yes (spells “YOU” above it – don’t know why)

Now I have to tell you about Eric Karrle. Eric Karlle do books. I tell you about these books. This books is really cool. He do like different artists. Mom, you want to hear about this?

Elsa: I don’t know – you can tell me – i’m listening (she’s not)

you want to hear it?

and then, Eric Karlle – he made magic in this magic book. You can look – at the count – at the count – look at the the three from the other dot. Something up here. And that’s a really big fox in our classroom. Then we flipped the page. The fox is like this (yells). He like run in the book. I like this (stares). Then we flipped the page. THen one froggy come out. Then jump from one page to another>

Elsa: how does this have to do with EC? (she was listening I guess)

Dahlia: I gonna open this (she has some tape in her hands). 1-2-3- go! what is this? Mom can i just have one of this? One of these?

Elsa (not looking) I don’t know what that is dahlia

dahlia: please? Can I just have one of this?

E: It’s dads

Me: Go ahead D

D : yay! I gonna make it in two, and I gonna give you it. (tears off a piece of tape).