Overheard today

Dahlia home sick:” Mom, what do i have to do to be a dult” (an adult)

“Do I have to get one of those things with my picture on it?”

Elsa:”It just takes time”.

D:” You know who gonna be not my age? Ruth and Lucy, because they’re six. Even Sophia, she’s the biggest in the world. At least in our class.”

“You know what? You can’t believe how tall she is.”

“You know what? Ruth’s baby sister just fall in the toilet. She just so small. She fall in the toilet. She peed in the bathroom, without going to the toilet. Her saying she a grownup because she peed in the big toilet. Then she peed on the ground. She pee on the ground. Ruth’s little sister. Then her mom got mad at Ruth’s little sister.”

“I hate this school day. I’m so sick.”