Monti’s story

This was on her iPhone 3GS that I just made available to Dahlia. Was cleaning out the cruft when I came across this in the Notes app:

Destined for greatness

Chapter one

If you want to live a regular life then put the book down and get the hell out of here. But if you don’t, then stay here and let your life get ruined one piece at a time. Okay if you are still here then feel and live the pain of the sucking life I live. It all started when my stupid friends put me in a coma. yes a super sucking coma !! so lets get started folks.”Guess what” the doctor said as I looked and searched for an exit. I needed to escape my dad and mom were no drunk than yesterday. Mary the magic fairy had told me that I needed to get to Times Square and that one plane ticket was sitting on my dresser, but from Washington, it was a long flight.When you get to my house there is smoke coming out the windows and the smell of alcohol drifting in the air I grew up with freaks they trained me.When I went into the house my mom and dad were in a fight “I hate you” and “I hate you too” and all that jazz.I snuck into the living room where there was couches were stained with coffee and tobacco. As I finally got into my bedroom I saw one plane ticket to Times Square and guess what it was first class.I saw the time… yikes! I had an hour till the plane left.I realized that after hitting the doctors on their heads had taken longer than I thought it would take.I ran for the door after I grabbed my bag,toothbrush,toothpaste,hairbrush,random clothes,phone,and computer bam I was ready.Crap! I don’t have a drivers license! so I ran to the train to Sea Tac.Can I help you honey a lady said at the desk” yeah “I said the flight from here to there I said pointing to a map.Do you have a ticket she said .Yeah I said as I rummaged through my fellow belongings.Here I said handing it to her.thank you she said you may board your flight.

Chapter two

Ahh this was the life air conditioning the food the drinks the smoke free air it was amazing.The ladies that served me were very nice yet so freaking persistent. Ladies and gentlemen prepare for landing.Already I thought it felt like two minutes.When I got of the plane the noise of the airport surrounded me.The girl that had sat next to me on the plane was looking around and taking pictures.Her red curls bobbled up and down .Suddenly she started talking to me I’m heather she said I love NYC she said pointing to her shirt which had I heart NYC on it.I noticed that she had gotten on the same tram as me.She looked about the same age with intense green eyes and red hair.I have a sister that is going to Times Square and then I noticed a girl with black hair green eyes and pale skin. She was goth wait no she just looked like she was. Heather leave the girl alone she said as heather skipped away. I’m Sophia she said sorry about heather it’s fine I said she’s excited. I’m going to Times Square where are you going said Sophia .times square I said oddly. We looked at each other with the are you joking look. Well see you there I said. Same said Sophia as we walked away. I hopped on the train from JFK airport to Times Square.” Times Square” I said sure miss said the driver. When I got there the colors shown on my face from the screens. There was a band playing on one side and a homeless man on the other I walked over there to give him money. He looked nice and he wasn’t smoking. Then I realized that I needed the money to get home. Darn it was to late I wasn’t going to steal his money. Suddenly a boy bumped into me sorry he said pushing he blonde hair to one side his blue eyes sparkling. I’m here to meet a girl named Mary. Yeah Mary the magic fairy I thought. I was heading that way tooI said. Ok he said and we headed down the alleyway. I bumped into Sophia who was talking to a boy. Oops sorry I said. It’s fine she said. Who’s your friend asked the blonde boy who’s name is Devan . Jason the brown haired boy said is that offense. Suddenly a girl ran down the alley she was dressed in black. She pulled back her hood it was Mary. I’m glad your all here she said your excepted to save the world.

Chapter 3

Ok so we have to go save the world nothing much right. Wrong to much pressure can somebody call up reality and ask them to come back.