knees, health

well, i feel pretty good so far.. still hazy in my mind and doing a million things (cleaned floor, garage, mulched, worked out, programmed like demon, etc)… I don’t know . i feel crazy but yet healing.. Tho the BMs are not all that stable.. I wish they would improve more. I don’t know if I wish that or getting off meds quicker sooner. I go in for infusion #3 this Weds at Va. Mason… Went to bed at 8:30, got up at 12:30 to pee, then up at 3 now permanently. Not a bad night. Waiting for 5 to come so i can go work out, then come back at 6 and walk with elsa if she’s up. I should go eat something. Eating like a pig… but trying to avoid sodium since they say that’s why my knees ache (something with preds).