feeling good

yep title says it all. i’m less amped in the am.. but still working out.. have a lot of energy around 10am-1pm… things are definitely better in the bathroom department… slept from 9:45 to 3:45 last night. had a very nice birthday with everyone, though I worked my tail off throughout the day for Apple. Was a very busy day and good busy. I think I’m still around 151 but feel like I’m getting a paunch back. I have to watch what I eat now.. no more free rides just to pack on weight. I would like to do it smart. Maggie got me a hilarious tee shirt that says HUMA_ with a horse playing basketball. JC also got me a tee that is a flowchart for helping people out with computer problems. It’s pretty funny. He got it in Thailand and has been holding it for my birthday. I emailed him this AM. Going mountainbiking with Elsa when she wakes, then on to customers.
Here is a pic of Dahlia that LPK took yesterday.. We’ll see how this shows up on this blog.