Monti & Dahlia stuff

Monti calls trucks – frucks
She has an amazing vocabulary. She is pretty mischeivous. Dahlia is so sweet. Will fall asleep actually in the crib… Something Monti never did. We are somewhat settlling into this new house… Buying furniture to fill it. Need to get blinds badly. Elsa at the doctor. I’m about to get on a conference call. Monti is playing with Mr. Potatohead. Dahlia with Elsa. Bought a couch last week with KC when she was here. It will be delivered tomorrow. I head to portland tomorrow for some calls on Wednesday. my first driving trip for the job.

Waiting for the new van to come next month.

Also, Monti has this word that she uses sometimes – – “superbuys”.. We don’t know if it means supervise or what. She uses it like

Then we superbuys it..

We have no idea what she’s talking about.

She is nuts about Madeliene next door. She has only played with her about 20 mins total so far. Our fence is crooked. We hear that the builders won’t cover it in the warranty . . I gotta figure out if that is true. We are waiting for the rest of our security deposit from long beach. They only paid part of it.