Dahlia fell out of bed about 4 nights ago. I’d put her to bed and forgot to put the ‘protective pillow’ on the side where there is no wall. Needless to say she fell off. We heard the BUMP which is never a good sound. 3 seconds later the wailing began. I walked in there and her head was down, feet slightly raised on some pillows or something near the ground. The bed is not very high up but she kept on crying indicating something really hurt. A day or two goes by.. She’s babying it. Then we see some bigtime bruising and she refuses to do anything in gymnastics. Well we finally decide to go to the doctor. Within 3 seconds the doctor goes ‘yep, broken collarbone. Nothing you can do about it – they don’t do slings or anything anymore. Just don’t let her hang or do pushups or anything like that for a while. Poor D. But she’s a champ. She barely lets it bother her.