Bday parties

The girls are at a birthday party for one of Monti’s friends. It’s at a bounce house type place.

I was here working with Kevin B on the new Turn Based Strategy Game Server for flexgames. Exciting stuff. We’re probably going to go see Horton Hears a Who later, then out to dins.

I just flew back from Boise yesterday – had a meeting with Micron in the am – a training person there, then lunch with Chunk – talked about – then afternoon at Dramatic Entertainment to talk about their plans for internet TV. Flew back – got in late after hitting WalMart in Renton to pick up an Easter present. What a nightmare Walmart was. On the flight back a fellow was very curious about my Apple jacket – a big closeted Apple fan. Ended up talking to me the whole flight back. Wants to be my friend. Nice enough guy but I’m busy right now programming – no time for new friends…. šŸ™‚