Baby on the way

Well it’s mere days before baby #2 arrives. Monti is such a sweetie. Think she may know something is up. Our possible names are:

  • Josie
  • Roxanne – Roxy
  • Maxine-Maxi-Max
  • Casey

Elsa likes Cici or something like that.

I also like Samantha.. Probably a few more. It is hot hot hot.. No breeze we are dying here in the Long beach apartment… Lesa and Gabe here… Lesa here to help with the new baby before she goes back to school. Elsa’s parents coming in this Thursday I believe. It will be a full house here.

But back to Monti. She was crabby today – didn’t eat very well and went down for a nap at 11:30 am which is early for her. They went to 2nd street then but came back and M was crabby. I had a big presentation for Disney – the intro of the G5 to them. It went well.

We ask monti – where’s your sister? She points to her belly. So cute. She has ceased saying awwright right after we gave the grandpas the tee shirt. Guess she read it and got disgusted with herself. Elsa big and uncomfortable. Not sleeping well. Our bed a fit and fury of heat… We have fan blasting on it. Elsa pressuring us to finish with the name ideas. she is starting to pack for the hospital. I am not nervous this time – in fact i’m looking forward to it . I should really get my camera and everything together. maggie breaking up with fess or having serious problems. I am not sure where they are at at the moment but I know it’s hard on her and him. I feel bad it’s been 5 months since i’ve written last. I’m sure there have been things i’ve forgotten but I guess you have to start again sometime……..Monti will count all the way past ten.. sometimes she jumps around. She likes a show called Dora the explorer. Stil likes Maisy but not as much as before. She also likes blues clues. She is getting better about letting elsa go away. She can be babysat. Elsa and I saw first movie in a long time the other day – Whale Rider. Good movie.Well i’m tired and should head to bed. I’m reading Bone Collector right now. Elsa also reading a Jeffrey Deaver book.