Another Dahlia story

She’s on a roll tonight. She’s been obsessed with the Titanic for a couple of weeks now. She thinks about it a lot with the upcoming cruise this summer (and frets on it as well). The story she just told me and Monti in bed:

Dahlia: “Daddy you know Liv’s daddy? He has a friend who was on the Titanic…”

Me: “Oh really?”

(Monti starts piping up “Hey you mean great-great-great-grandfath….” Dahlia cuts her off)

Dahlia: “yeah! And he didn’t die! he had only underwear and it was made out of polar bear skin so he didn’t die.”

One reply on “Another Dahlia story”

Sounds like you may be purchasing (designing?) some polar bear underwear in the near future for Dahlia’s summer cruise.

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