Just a small update

Less amped than ever. Down to 20MG Preds these days… tho i am still eating like a horse.. back up to original weight.. working out a lot still (4x this wk)… tho i fear i may bulk up in the stomach than in muscles… oh well.. labor day weekend coming up… hot winds blowing.. after a relatively cool week.. we will go to racetrack tomorrow or something… kids day at racetrack.. also bumbershoot is going on in town… trying to plan out xmas.. fares are spensive esp since we are thinking of doing FL and IL … monti getting ready to go to kindergarten… she has a backpack with a phone slot in it.. now she thinks she needs a cell phone. dahlia getting bigger and talking better. still won’t go #2 on the toilet..but we are working on enticements.

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Hi Joe,

Glad that you are tapering down pred. I am definately not a fan of it, but it is something we just need to put up with.

I run a forum for people who are affected by all forms of Inflammatory Bowel Diseae (which includes the Crohn’s Disease we both have). I would love it if you joined us in the sharing of information, fun and support. I am sure a lot of members would be interested in your blog here to.

Well I hope we can see you there soon.

Take care, keep eating (the pred will make sure of that :D) and stay healthy!

-Michael (admin of

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